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Vasectomy is a simple operation which makes a man sterile. A man produces sperm in his testicles. The tubes which carry the sperm from the testicles up to the penis are cut and blocked during the operation so that the sperm cannot get into the semen (the fluid released when a man reaches a climax or ‘comes’).

We have 2 fully trained surgeons who have successfully carried out in excess of 1500 procedures since August 2008.  Our success rate is 99.5%.

Our vasectomy surgeons are members of the British Association of No Scapal Vasectomies Surgeons.  They attend the annual conference with surgeons from all over the country and present our audit findings at this time.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal approach, with the flexibility to accommodate patients' requirements regarding both dates and times.  Our average wait time for an appointment is 2-6 weeks and all patients are offered pre-admission counselling appointments.

The Vasectomy surgeon starts by putting an injection of local anaesthetic into the skin of the scrotum near the tubes. When this has taken effect he will make a small puncture wound in the skin so he can reach the tubes, cut each one and close the ends. No stitches are needed with the no-scalpel technique therefore the skin is allowed to close naturally.

We hope you will have received sufficient information from your GP regarding the procedure. Ideally you should have been made aware that:

What you need to know:

  • Vasectomy operation will render you infertile and unable to father children
  • The Success rate for the operation is very high with only a very small chance of failure
  • The Failure rate for the operation is currently quoted as 1:2000
  • In those very small number of men who fail a repeat operation is usually offered under General anaesthetic
  • Should you change your mind after a successful Vasectomy – Reversal operation is very expensive, not available on the NHS and is only likely to work in approximately half of cases
  • You should allow plenty of time off work after the operation, 2-3 days if your job is light, a week if it is physical. Going to work the next day is NOT recommended and is likely to increase your chance of Post-operative complications
  • We use a ‘keyhole’ technique and aim to cause as little bleeding at the time of operation as possible. If you work or strain too soon after the operation you are more likely to suffer internal bleeding which increases the risk of infection. Better to allow 3 days off work after the operation than risk longer should you suffer an infection
  • Expect to be uncomfortable for several days after the operation. Vasectomy is still a significant operation. We recommend that you have pain-killers to hand for the first few days
  • Bruising, infection and pain afterwards are all recognised complications after Vasectomy operation.
  • Other recognised complications of Vasectomy include painful lumps that form at the cut ends of the tubes called Sperm Granulomas. These can be uncomfortable but are rarely serious. They can occur in 5% (I in 20) of men who have Vasectomies.
  • The other important complication we recognise is Post-Vasectomy pain which is often described as a dull constant ache felt in the testicles. This can last for weeks and months after surgery. There is no single effective treatment. This can also occur in 5% (1in 20) of men who have Vasectomies.
  • Lastly - try to arrange for someone to come with you and drive you home

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